ANS is the global series of affiliate meetups for the world's top affiliate marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

With the backing of the Affiliate Marketing Poland community, we are excited to host an upcoming ANS meetup in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

We continue the series of networking events where representatives of worldwide affiliate marketing companies may communicate, learn and chill all evening long at the very comfortable location.
The ANS event is not just a networking opportunity - it's a networking event with a purpose.

Our program features a distinguished speaker well-versed in achieving substantial success in the realm of affiliate marketing. This exclusive gathering is reserved for a carefully curated guest list, comprising top-tier affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Additionally, we have planned an auction to support Ukrainian volunteer organizations.

This is more than just a networking dinner – it's an opportunity for focused interaction and quality networking in a purposeful and refined atmosphere.
— Speaker with innovative ideas on affiliate marketing

— Welcome drinks and premium spirits

— Perfectly matched tasting menu of the luxury restaurant

— Networking with world`s top affiliates

— Live music and entertainment
— A table and entrance passes for 6 persons
— Dinner menu and appetizers
— Open bar with premium spirits during the event
— The cost of booking a table for a group is $1800
— You can also buy one or several VIP tickets $300 per ticket and be seated at the one of mixed VIP tables

For the details please contact
Head of Sales
Head of Events
Anatoliy Winter
Oleh Tverytnikov
Elena Kiseleva
Kyrylo Irha
Marketing Director
For any questions you can write to us directly
Wonderful host Volodymyr Takudis is the undisputed star of your upcoming event in Warsaw! With over 13 years of experience, Volodymyr invites you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a unique experience.

With his 32 years and more than 600 events, Volodymyr Takudis has become a true professional in the art of creating a unique party atmosphere. His unique approach to hosting events began when he was five years old and hosted his own television program.

A presenter who is talked about in delight! Volodymyr Takudis brings to every event his unique style, professionalism and a huge portion of positive energy. His ability to improvise, charisma and pleasant voice create an atmosphere filled with joy and fun.
Look beyond the unassuming exterior of SLA, as it conceals a world of culinary and sensory delights that awaits you upon entry. The establishment boasts an exceptionally diverse selection of food, drinks, and décor, embodying the essence of its namesake, the mythical Shangri-La. Here, the philosophy of harmonious living and appreciation for the finer things in life permeates every aspect.

The menu at SLA is a testament to this diversity, offering a journey through Chinese bau, Japanese tempura calamari, succulent beef tartare, and exquisite pizzas. With such a varied culinary landscape, there's something to tantalize the taste buds of every discerning palate.

However, it's in the nocturnal hours that SLA truly comes alive. The establishment shines during the night, revealing an impressive 14-meter bar, hailed as the longest in all of Poland. Behind this bar, an extensive array of beverages is meticulously crafted to cater to every imaginable taste. Additionally, SLA transforms into a haven for unforgettable parties, ensuring that your evenings are infused with energy, excitement, and lasting memories.
Sparkling wine
White wine, red wine
Soft drinks, juices, water
Coffee, tea

The ticket is free and is provided to affiliates.
Please fill out the form to receive a free ticket to ANS Warsaw for affiliates.

Free drinks for the first 2 hours of the event
Cold appetizer
We support Ukraine 🇺🇦
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