"Burning Man" of Ecom - GeekOut Kyiv!
GeekOut has become a community that once you're in the tribe the value doesn't stop when the event is over. Friendships, and partnerships continue long after the event is done.
Biggest Ecom Party Of The Decade!

Welcome to the "Burning Man" of Ecom - GeekOut Kyiv!
This GeekOut was Different - This one just hit different!
Thanks for joining us & be blessed by being one of the few people allowed to be part of one of the best events Geekout has ever put up.

WEB: https://geekoutevents.io/geekout_kyiv/
"Burning Man" of Ecom - GeekOut Kyiv!

We prepared a lot for you. You arrived from different parts of the world to network and enjoy the show! We have gathered the craziest characters from Ukrainian showbusiness to perform for you, TOP 3 DJ's played their tailored sets for you. Rap, Reggae, Newschool caused you to implode.
It's Kyiv, baby.
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